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In 2006 our first business went through a major overhaul. Having served a faithful public for ten years, and despite initial fears of losing public familiarity it was decided we would rebrand our design business. This rebranding included the dropping of our unwieldy name in favour of a new snappier one. We also wanted to renew our brand to represent the changes our business has undergone over the last ten years. Thus withstanding our customers' strong association with our old name Goldfish Twenty-Three Media we felt that with our new focus on web standards and accessibility our company would be better served with a catchier and more contemporary name which would better express this new focus, and thus on the 19th of March 2006 Goldfish Twenty-Three Media was rebranded as Build Fox.

Choose-ADSL expanded from an experimental none promoted business to a major offering in our portfolio early in 2007, allowing us to offer top of the range ADSL broadband to our existing business customers whilst expanding our client base into more residential markets. As always we ensured that there was a diversity of offered packages and customer service we could be proud of.

2008 saw a leap in the involvement of Telesales Solutions Limited in helping us reach prospective clients to inform them about the savings we can offer and the improvement in quality we can offer. They included Choose-a-Domain and Choose-Hosting as preferred and respected partners in the provision of Hosting and Domain Name Registration and Renewal for their Hosting Reminder Service.

Mid 2008 saw a new focus in community activism for our company. We have begun raising money for our local homeless shelter and making a substantial donation from each hosting package signed up to by local business. We have also begun to produce a number of local business portals and community based web sites, starting with the development of Lancaster Online and Carnforth Online.

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